Friday, August 12, 2011

SharePoint ShopTalk Highlights 7.28.11 - Connecting SharePoint/FAST to Line of Business Systems

SharePoint ShopTalk is a live, dynamic discussion held weekly amongst SharePoint Professionals. It is an excellent source for users who need to discuss challenges or are looking for answers to pressing contemporary SharePoint questions. All are welcome to take advantage of this forum that features leading experts in the field.

This installment features  BA Insight's Director of Product Marketing, Martin Muldoon and his presentation:

Connecting SharePoint/FAST Search to Line of Business SystemsFor over a decade, search vendors have promised organizations Unified Information Access to all enterprise systems, but without much success. In this session Martin Muldoon will explain why it is only now that this has finally become a possibility.

You will learn:
• What are the benefits of Unified Information Access?
• What are the primary challenges of connecting to enterprise systems?
• What are the capabilities of Microsoft’s new connector framework (BCS)
• BA Insight’s approach to connecting SharePoint / FAST to Business Systems

BA Insight conducts a live a demo of their Exchange connector enabling e-Discovery and Compliance across the enterprise.